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Janitorial & Residential Cleaning Services That Keeps Your Space Or House Spotless At All Times

 Independently owned, Insured, Bonded and fully uniformed. Picture Perfect Cleaning which was founded in 2013 offers a high value of integrity and professionalism at a low cost. Providing a more detail-oriented cleaning technique than our competitors. Our cleaning system checklist & specially trained workers, deliver the finest clean to eye detail in our line of work. Providing you with a healthier clean overall and a more thorough job within our many cleaning services.

  We try to customize your wants to a profiling checklist or, job description to specially suit your needs and budget plan to give you the best clean for your dollar. 

 We always send 2 or 3 professionally trained employees each time we clean your home or office, to surpass expectations and time constraint within your office or home.

 We also make it a point to lead by example and instill the best behavior and qualities in our employees to reach full customer satisfaction.


We take the work off your hands. Our team adjusts to your busy schedule and makes sure your daily activities are not inconvenienced/ Contracts available are:

Daily   |   Weekly   |   Biweekly   |   Monthly   |   Annually



When you refer a customer, we will discount up to $50.00 dollars towards a given service, pay 10% of the service provided if referred customer accepts job quote or, pay cash to your choice of a given charity. With our P.P.C. Reward System, we always try to take care of the people who help us grow and take care of those in need!

Picture Perfect Cleaning

Perfection is our Key to Success

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